Sconces Beby Italy Queen Roses

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Producing countryItalyDesignerSilvia Broggian

Beby Italy Queen Roses factory collection designed by Silvia Broggian. The collection contains the luxury of opera halls and the elegant purity of fresh morning flowers.

Made in the classical palace style, but at the same time in a very modern interpretation, the collection is able to illuminate and decorate the homes of the most selective clients in the world.

Chandeliers are made of thin, transparent Murano glass, cause incredible delight with their waterfall of light and crystal. Details neatly finished with Swarovski stones in exclusive colors. Perfect comfort in functional use. Thanks to the modular design, chandeliers can be integrated into rooms with a low ceiling.

This collection gives the premises exclusivity. Integrated with modern real estate, it makes affordable the charm of palaces for home design. A delightful combination of classic beauty and modern amenities.