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Aluminum: A material accessible to humans with unique and environmental characteristics.

The world of aluminum. The development of modern technology has allowed the exploitation of raw materials that reach a person from the earth in the form of volumes, stamps and forms. The components of the new millennium know no boundaries and offer a truly endless panorama of applications. We are building new interior architectures designed for an audience that is attentive to new materials and conservative with respect to the past, in order to create a boundary between innovation and memory, because our world is a positive future for past experiences, especially related to the cycle of primary materials. of which aluminum is part. Loving aluminum, we love our land.

Aluminum has characteristics suitable for everyday use: from food, to construction, to furniture

Albed uses only the highest quality raw materials. Extruded aluminum from UNI EN AW-6060 alloy in accordance with UNI EN 755 standards. Anodic oxidation in accordance with UNI 10681. Powder coating in accordance with UNI 12206 standards.

Glass: Albed uses only safety glass in door mirrors and sliding panels: laminated glass in accordance with UNI EN 12543 and UNI EN 12600; tempered glass that complies with UNI EN 12150 and UNI EN 12600 standards.

Wood: Albed uses wood that preserves deforestation and is surface treated with formaldehyde-free varnish.

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